Spørgsmålsleg på engelsk

Del elever ind I grupper på 3-5. De skiftes til at stille hinanden spørgsmål.

1)     Do you like drawing? Why/why not?

2)     Do you like a girl/boy as a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

3)     Do you like to watch TV? Why? What do you like to watch?

4)     What music do you like? Why? Have you ever been to a concert? Tell about it.

5)     What do you like most? To relax or to play football? Why?



1)     What do you think about death penalty?

2)     Do you believe in ghosts? Why?



3)     What is your favorite restaurant? Why?



4)     What do you like best of the school?



5)     What do you hate about the school?




1)     Do you think you are important?

2)     What do you use in your hair?

3)     Which job do you prefer? A fireman or a police officer?

4)     What do you prefer? To sing or to act?  

5)     Do you like parties? Why/why not?



1)     Do you like your school? Why/why not?

2)     Do you like alcohol? Why/why not?

3)     Do you like shopping? Why/why not? What kind of shops do you like best?

4)     In how many years do you think you will be a mother/father?

5)     Do you prefer dogs to cats? Why/why not?



1)     Do you believe in Santa Claus? Why/why not?

2)     In how many years do you think you will be a mother/father?

3)     Do you like to go out or stay inside? Why/Why not.



4)     What would you like to do in your summer holiday?



5)     What kind of sport do you like best? Why/



1)     Are you racist? Why/Why not.

2)     What is you favorite animal?

3)     What is you favorite movie? Why?


4)     If a man rapes a girl: How should he be punished?


5)     How do you find Christmas?


1)     Are you often wearing branded clothes? Why/Why not.


2)     Do you like “Hits for kids?” Why/Why not.


3)     Are you looking forward to you confirmation? Why/Why not.


4)     Tell us about the last time you fought with your little brother or sister.